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It has been a sad few days for our Mythik Team. We’ve had to make the very hard decision to close our doors for the last time. After all the ups and downs the last couple of years, our small, little town business was only able to hold on for so long.

Our mission was to offer the Lakeland a safe space for anyone who enjoys gaming of all kinds, and we hope we achieved that for even a small amount of time. For all those regular customers and those who showed us so much support over the last 3 years, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we regret that we couldn’t continue to be your safe space any longer.

To the community of people we have met and gotten to know, we will always consider you a part of our Mythik family. Even though our business is closing the amazing relationships we have made will stay with us forever, and that is the best gift we have received from this experience.

- December 11, 2022


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