$5 STAY & PLAY for 3 hours

$2.50 for each additional hour

The gaming fee is per person for up to 3 hours but you can stay as long as you like. A fee of $2.50 is added for every additional hour. Access any of the 350 games we have on the shelf and try as many as you want!


Call us to make a reservation,

or just walk-in!


Grab any game and give it a try!

Our Game Experts will be happy

to assist you or use our QR code 

system to get a quick tutorial! 


Hungry? Thirsty? 

Order food from our menu

and enjoy a craft Beer,

Cocktails, and Specialty



Let our games expert know when you are done playing with a game and they will sanitize them! 

All guests of Mythik Games are asked to wash their hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer is available at the door. Masks are mandatory. All games are sanitized after each use before being placed back on the shelf.


Need a way to unwind with friends or family but without a high price?

Our Game Room is packed full of games for every group. 300+ board and card games that span all genres. Whether you want to work co-operatively with each other or have an all out war Mythik can guide you to an appropriate vice. 

At $5 for 3 hours and a mere $2.50 every hour after, it is a great way to have a night out without breaking the bank.

Mythik has taken extensive time to organize the games into playability with something called "The Stoplight Rule".

GREEN - This means GO, games are easy to play and usually last 45 mins or less. These games can be taught quickly and are usually fun for a variety of groups.

YELLOW - Proceed with CAUTION, In this cateogory we have put games that involve a bit of time, knowledge, and/or setup. These games are for groups that want to try something new, challenge themselves, and expand their boardgame knowledge. Games in this cateogory usually last under 2 hours on average. Our staff can help you with most of these games, however not all of these games are well known to us at this point.

RED - Full STOP, first thing is first these games are not for the faint of heart. Usually red games will last several hours and will require dedication to learn, setup, and then proceed to play. Our staff enjoy many of these games, however we don't have the time or resources to help your group with this. 

To make the learning process easier (and/or if you just don't want to have us around) we have scoured the web for some of the best lear to play videos (that aren't too long) and put them into QR codes. Scan and go. You Are Welcome. 

The games room is a super relaxed atmosphere that has pleasant esthetic, great background music and beverages to suit your fancy. 

See you down here! 



350+ board games & video games